Selected Poems

4 Poems - SOFTBLOW

3 Poems - Yes Poetry

2 Poems - Homology Lit

“After the Devastation” - Glass: Poets Resist (edited by Kwame Opoku-Duku III)

"Crown of Sonnets—Me in the Multiverse" - Empty Mirror

“East Nashville” - Auburn Avenue

“From an Airplane the First Time” - Glass: Poets Resist (edited by Logan February)

"I Am Too Much Before I Am Human" - Glass: Poets Resist (edited by Sage)

"I Leave Unnoticed" - Typishly

"Learning to Drive (Golden Shovel)" - *82 Review

"Stranger" - Drunk Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys Top Three, September 2019)

"The Therapist Asks, How Does the Brain Feel" - Cincinnati Review

"They/Them" - Dirty Paws Poetry

“They are Unkillable” - Protean Magazine

“Who Will Stop Me From Dying” - Cotton Xenomorph

"You Admire the Presidents Who Send Drones" - Paint Bucket